Welcome to website of IX12, the internship programme for Cumbria, run by The Carlisle Diocese. On these pages you will find information about what we do, what placements are available, and what you will learn, as well as what you can do with God in your year with us.

Have you ever thought about where mission is the hardest?
Did you know that one of the hardest places to mission is in your own back yard? Cumbria has a tremendous need for young people to partner with us in pioneering new work/ministry/churches, growing disciples. Coming here for a year to serve would almost certainly ensure that your extreme lifestyle is for God.


My time here has given me a new perspective on missions, and how mission works in an urban western society.

Kaja Austad, Intern

I used to worry a lot. In everything I did, I wanted to see clear results or I would become very disappointed. I know that I needed God’s mercy and grace to help me adjust my attitude. Every day, I see that God has his own timetable and I am learning patience.

Sophia Lin, Intern

I feel like one of the most significant lessons from this year is to understand how important is to build relationships and when working in a church.

Katiuska Fabiana, Intern

We are all thanking God for sending Ria to us. We feel really blessed.

Steve Donalds, Vicar, St John's London Rd, Carlisle

I decided to go for the Internship scheme for my gap year because not only is it loaded with youth work experience but I will have a qualification in Christian youth work! What more could I ask for? My calling is youth work and this was the perfect gap year to equip me and move

Phil Rudd, Intern

As well as growing in my faith I have also grown in maturity and confidence, I am now more likely to do things I wouldn’t have done a year ago.

Andy Bond, Intern

I’ve also learned and seen in action so many truths about God first-hand this year. My dependence on Him has really grown and I’ve fallen more in love with Him than ever.

Brittany Keyes, Intern

I had a super fab time and so will you.

Andy Dykes, Intern


Who's It For?

Jesus First

You have a strong personal faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to learn and grow in your ministry skills and gifts.

Mission Minded

You are willing to serve in areas outside you ‘comfort zone’ and wanting to make an eternal difference.

Team Player

You are a team player, willing to work with and for others, but also able to take on independent responsibility for projects, events or groups.

Young Adults

You are aged 18 – 30ish and available from September to July.



Many people today feel very distant from church and in Carlisle Diocese we are taking this seriously. Since 2010 we have started 9 new Network Youth Churches for 11 – 18 year olds. Young people are given a space to ask on their own terms “How do you become a Christian?” Through Bus Projects, youth cafes, retreats and Prayer Spaces increasing numbers of teenagers are now connecting to Christian Communities.

In 2013 we launched an exciting new church called ‘The Way’. It is aimed at university students and all 18 – 30’s living in Carlisle. With lots of food, conversation, fun and friendship young adults are being introduced to loving community of disciples.

Carlisle Diocese has set up a chain of Op Shops to minister to people and communities where life is a struggle. Through practical support but most importantly through showing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ we are seeking to make a difference and introduce people to a living God.

If you are looking for something a bit different, love building relationships and have a heart for mission, pioneer work might be for you.


Messy Church, Coffee and Chat, a peaceful Eucharist, T@4, pastoral visiting, worship leading… the list of ministries that happen day by day, week by week in our churches around Cumbria is huge and growing. Carlisle Diocese working with our ecumenical partners has a mission – To Grow God’s Kingdom in Cumbria’.

We have small and beautiful rural churches with small but warm and faithful congregations that are central to village communities, and we have larger town churches with outreach projects.

Whether your heart is for pastoral ministry – you’re a great listener and carer. Or you are musical and love leading worship, or you love getting messy with kids there are opportunities for you to explore your gifts and calling.


Collective Training

All the interns come together every other month, there are also three residentials, for training, worship and fellowship.

Personal Study

Interns do some personal study and writing, and can take a qualification. The training is focussed on discipleship and leadership.

Project Work

Every intern will have the opportunity to develop their own project of which they can take ownership.


Interns will Blog or Vlog to help them process their experiences and to communicate what they are doing to others.


We’d love to get to know you!

If you have any questions at all or would just like to say hi and let us know you’re interested. Then please drop us a message.

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